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Recipes from the Wagstaff Miscellany - 156 Kyd Rostyd

Recipes from the Wagstaff Miscellany (Beinecke MS 163)

This manuscript is dated about 1460.

The 200 (approx.) recipes in the Wagstaff miscellany are on pages 56r through 76v.

Images of the original manuscript are freely available on the Yale University Library website.

I have done my best to provide an accurate, but readable transcription. Common abbreviations have been expanded, the letters thorn and yogh have been replaced with their modern equivalents, and some minor punctuation has been added.

Copyright © 2015 by Daniel Myers, MedievalCookery.com


156. Kyd Rostyd
Take a kyd slit the sknyn at the throte & seke the veyne in both sydes of the gorge & cut hit in two slit hit in both sydes & put both the furthir leggys & the hyndys ther yn to gedyr in both the sydes a lyttyl pryke the vont to gedyr perboyle hym lard hym serve hym forth with sauce gyngour.


This recipe is a match for recipe 93 from A Noble Boke off Cookry.
To rost a kyd tak and slit of the skyn at the throt and seche for the vanys on bothe sides the gorge and cut them and slit them and put there in bothe the forelegs and the hinder leggs bothe sides eliche and prik them and parboile hem and rost them and lard them and serue them with sauce guinger.  [A Noble Boke off Cookry (England, 1468)]

There is also a related recipe in Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery-Books.
Kede rosted. Take a kydde, and slytte the skyn in the throte, And seke the veyne, and kut him, and lete him blede to deth; and fle him, And larde him, And trusse his legges in the sides, and roste him, And reyse the shuldres and legges, and sauce hit with vinegre and salte.  [Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery-Books (England, 1430)]

While the instructions in Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery-Books seem a bit clearer, I find it interesting that it calls for vinegar and salt instead of ginger sauce.

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