Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Love / Hate the BBC

Several weeks back I learned about a program about medieval cooking that was to be broadcast on the BBC. Clarissa and the King's Cookbook was hosted by Clarissa Dickson Wright (of Two Fat Ladies fame). The show deals with the fourteenth century cookbook, Forme of Cury. Obviously this is a program I want to watch.

And therein lies the problem. I want to see this show - I need to see this show - but I don't live in the UK. BBC America? Not anytime soon. Buy it from the BBC? It's not for sale anywhere that I can find. Download an illegal copy? Apparently medieval cooking doesn't have the tech-geek following of other BBC shows (like Doctor Who), as no one has uploaded pirate copies. Move to England? Tempting, but not feasible in the near future.

Bah! The unfairness of it all!


Anonymous said...

I suspect if you checked a website called UKNova (, for Brits abroad, you will find a copy of the show.

The show was OK. Rather light though.

Doc said...

Thank-you-thank-you-thank-you! That did the trick!

Yes, it did seem a bit light. If this were a single episode in a series, I think it would have been about right.

In terms of medieval cooking, it was pretty accurate. There were a couple of points I would quibble on, but Clarissa got it mostly right - which is rather refreshing. This program makes an excellent introduction to the subject.