Friday, June 27, 2008

Supersizers Go ...

There's been some chatter on a couple of the mailing lists about this series being aired on BBC2 - "Supersizers Go.". Strangely, the BBC doesn't have a web page for it that I could find, however there's a very nice description on this website. The stars of the program(me) get dressed up to suit a particular time period and then experience the appropriate food.

One of the episodes shown recently was about the Elizabethan period, and seeing as that's at the tail-end of the middle ages (or just after the middle ages according to some, or about two hundred years into the Renaissance according to people who focus on Italian history, but don't get me started on this or I'll go on and on until you're blue in the face), I just had to see it.

On the whole, it was entertaining. The hosts were funny, but got a bit irritating at times. I think they meant to be that way, but I'm not sure. From time to time the show got a bit too focused on the topic of excretia - not necessarily a bad thing for a historical program(me), but really not what one would expect in a show about food.

The big question of course is, "Was it accurate?" The answer is: yes, reasonably so. It did a really decent job of appealing to the average viewer while not being total crap. I do have some nits to pick though (are you really surprised? I didn't think so), but since I'll have a lot to say about each nit, I'll save them for later posts.

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