Thursday, June 25, 2009

Even More on "Forme of Cury"

On Monday I griped a bit about the lack of a way to link directly to the John Rylands University Library images of "Forme of Cury". There are some things that I can't just leave alone, and seeing as I'm somewhat of a web geek, I did what I could to correct the situation.

I put together a web page of links to the manuscript images. That way others can have some place to link to that provides clear and simple access. Note that the images are still hosted on the John Rylands University Library's servers (I'm not violating their copyright). This means that they could easily fiddle with their servers or add some kind of authorization process that would break the links, so I don't know how long this page will be useful.


Lisa Hendrix said...

Lovely. Just lovely. Thank you. It reminds me of my grammie's handwritten receipts stuck in the back of her Good Housekeeping cookbook. Do we know if this was written as a personal book, for a cook, or what?

You may want to check your seems to go a page astray in the vicinity of

f51r (Chysanne)
f51v (... Chysanne)
f52r (Congur in sawce)

and stay that way, at least for a while, likely due to the recipes spanning a couple of pages.

Doc said...

The introduction to Forme of Cury says that it was written by the master cooks of Richard II. If true (and it's more than plausible) then it's a book of recipes that are truly fit for a king.

The weirdness in the text is partly due to how Rylands University commented on their images. It appears that they based their notes on what ever recipe was at the top of the page, even if it was the middle of the recipe. I kept their notes for the most part, but ignored orphan lines. I'll check through it again when I get a chance and make sure I'm consistent.