Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Dwarven Cookbook

I'm pleased to announce the upcoming publication of A Dwarven Cookbook.

A Dwarven Cookbook

A collection of 54 authentic Dwarven recipes, including such favorites as Dwarven Journeybread, Jellied Mushrooms, and Turnip Stout.  There's also a bit of commentary here and there which provides some insight into Dwarven foodways.

What's surprising is that there is some real medieval context to this book.  Using the cuisine of a real medieval society we've carefully constructed a plausible fictional cuisine, and then put together workable recipes for it.

Co-author Stephanie Drummonds and I have been working on this book for the past several months, and everything is on track for it to be available in October.  Rather than try and get this through a mainstream publisher when the publishing market is so slow, we're self-publishing through our newly set up publishing house - Blackspoon Press.  Keep an eye on that site ... or this one ... or both ... for links to where you can buy the book, as well as information on the other books we've got in the works.

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Unknown said...

Judging by the cover lesson 1 is "kill the rabbit before you put it in the pot.