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Recipes from the Wagstaff Miscellany - 93 Storgeon for sopers

Recipes from the Wagstaff Miscellany (Beinecke MS 163)

This manuscript is dated about 1460.

The 200 (approx.) recipes in the Wagstaff miscellany are on pages 56r through 76v.

Images of the original manuscript are freely available on the Yale University Library website.

I have done my best to provide an accurate, but readable transcription. Common abbreviations have been expanded, the letters thorn and yogh have been replaced with their modern equivalents, and some minor punctuation has been added.

Copyright © 2014 by Daniel Myers,


93. Storgeon for sopers
Take calvys fete & flesch of the hed & the longes sodyn tendyr hew hem smal tempyr hem up with the same broth or yf thu wylt thu may gnde [grind?] hit & tempyr hit well and strew on foulys of percelleye & do ther to poudyr of pepyr poudyr of clovys yf thu wylt & salt & boyle hit to gedyr & ley hit on a clene bord & kepe hit well to gedyr that hit ren nought a brod when hit ys cold cut hit in leches do venyger yn boyle onyons mynsyd & foules of percelleye & poudyr of gynger ley the leches ther yn & when thu sendyst hem ley ij or iij in a dysch & somdell of the sauce ther with.


This recipe is a match for recipe 36 in A Noble Boke off Cookry.
To mak sturgion for sopers tak calves feet the hert and the lung soden tender then hewe them and temper them up with the same brothe and ye may grond them and strawe on foilis of parsly poudre of pepper guinger clowes and salt and boile it and lay it on a clene bord and kepe it well to gedure that it run not abrod and when it is cold cutt it in iij lesks then put venygar in a bolle and mynte onyons parsly and pouder of guinger and lay the leskes ther in and serue iij or iiij in a dyshe and som of the sauce poured on.  [A Noble Boke off Cookry (England, 1468)]

The recipe is a bit unusual in that it has both fish-day and meat-day aspects (sturgeon and calf, respectively) which lead me to wonder if the inclusion of calf's feet was a copy error.

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