Thursday, January 21, 2016

Book Review: 21 French Medieval Cookery Recipes

21 French Medieval Cookery Recipes + 10 Unknown Facts 
About Medieval France: Tasty Medieval French Food

Bad Side:  Poorly edited. Little or no original work (almost all the recipes are modified versions of ones I have online for free).

Good Side:  At least she didn't break any copyright laws.

Conclusion:  Even at $0.99 this isn't worth the money.

Notes:  From reading it I would guess that Bethany Wilson is about 12 years old.  The "Unknown Facts" make my brain hurt.


Jeremy said...

Would you share an "unknown fact" so I don't have to waste money buying this to sate my curiosity?

Doc said...

All of the "Unknown Facts" appear to be included in the "Look Inside" feature for the book on Amazon's website. That being said, I'll risk posting a couple here:

"iv. Kilts originated in Medieval France, not Scotland."

"v. Beer is considered a luxury drink saved for special occasions, medieval traditions make wine free with most meals."