Tuesday, May 9, 2017

La Maison Rustique - Knowledge of the Movements of the Moon and Sun (twenty-third and twenty-fourth days)

From: L'agriculture et maison rustique, Charles Estienne (Rouen, 1658).

That the Farmer should have 
the knowledge of the movements of the Moon and the Sun,
of their abilities and effects upon rustic things.

(Chapter 9)


[twenty-third and twenty-fourth days of the moon]

The twenty-third day Benjamin was born. All that is done on this day will turn out glorious. Sickness will be long but not fatal. Dreams will be false. The child born on this day will be deceitful and ugly.

The twenty-fourth day Japheth was born. This day is indifferent, known to be neither good nor bad. Sickness this day will be long, but the patient will heal. Dreams will be of no effect. The child born on this day will be sweet and mild, and loving to make great cheer.

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