Thursday, April 13, 2017

La Maison Rustique - Knowledge of the Movements of the Moon and Sun (eleventh and twelfth days)

From: L'agriculture et maison rustique, Charles Estienne (Rouen, 1658).

That the Farmer should have 
the knowledge of the movements of the Moon and the Sun,
of their abilities and effects upon rustic things.

(Chapter 9)


[eleventh and twelfth days of the moon]

The eleventh, Samuel was born. It is a good day to change the house. The good and joyful dream will be true and will happen within a few days. The person who falls ill in bed will be there at length, but will recover; the child born on this day will be of good spirit, skillful at all trades, and of long life.

The twelfth day is very dangerous and so nothing should be done; for Canaan was born on that day. He who becomes sick will be in great danger of dying within twelve days. Dreams will be true according to their significance. The child born on this day will be superstitious.

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