Tuesday, April 4, 2017

La Maison Rustique - Knowledge of the Movements of the Moon and Sun (fifth and sixth days)

From: L'agriculture et maison rustique, Charles Estienne (Rouen, 1658).

That the Farmer should have 
the knowledge of the movements of the Moon and the Sun,
of their abilities and effects upon rustic things.

(Chapter 9)


[fifth and sixth days of the moon]

On the fifth day Lamech was born; If on this day someone who having made an accidental offence is in flight, he loses his time of flight, for he will be suddenly punished alive or dead. Theft made this day will not be discovered, one who becomes sick will never recover: dreams that are made will be deferred, the child born this day will die very soon.

On the sixth day Ebron was born. On this day it is good to send children to schools, and to go hunting; Robbery committed this day will be quickly discovered; and the diseases that are caught will be quickly healed: dreams should not be revealed, the child born this day will have a long life.

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