Thursday, March 30, 2017

La Maison Rustique - Knowledge of the Movements of the Moon and Sun (third and fourth days)

From: L'agriculture et maison rustique, Charles Estienne (Rouen, 1658).

That the Farmer should have 
the knowledge of the movements of the Moon and the Sun,
of their abilities and effects upon rustic things.

(Chapter 9)


[third and fourth days of the moon]

On the third Cain was born. On this day no work should be undertaken, gardening or planting, except what one would like to lose: the one who falls ill will be grievously sick until near the end: but little by little by good regime will return healthy, The dreams from this day or night will be of no effect, and the child born will have a long life.

On the fourth day Abel was born; This day is good to begin a work, to build windmills, and to travel over water: a fugitive man, lost beast, or a wanderer will be well found: the person who falls ill in bed will recover with great difficulty. If a dream is good it be put into effect: if on the contrary it is bad, it will not happen. The child born on this day will be treacherous.

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