Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Recipes from the Tudor Kitchen - Update 2

[This is an update to my earlier posts about this book] was reasonably quick in responding and removing the book (both print and ebook) from their website. For those who also have recipes online which may have been copied, I will be posting a list of the recipes that Breverton included. At this point it seems to be a bit of a moot point as the book is no longer available through the largest of distributor, but I am quite curious as to exactly how much of the content was non-original.

More interestingly, I received an email this morning from the publisher, Amberley Publishing. It was politely worded and essentially said the following:

1. They have worked with Mr. Breverton for a long time and think it would be very unlikely for him to have copied the material without permission.
2. They are waiting to hear from Mr. Breverton as to where the material came from, or at least let them know it was an accident. 
3. Because of the contracts they use, it's the author's responsibility to clear permissions for all content. 
4. They think Mr. Breverton should discuss the matter directly with me and leave them out of it.
5. They will get back to me shortly.

This is about what I expected, though it would have been nice if they pulled the title from their own catalog as well.

More as things go.

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bbfit1104 said...

1. Typical useless line I would expect but has no meaning whatsoever.

2. Unbelievable, it's not an answer.

3. Alright.

4. That's not the way it works.

5. I won't hold my breath, I doubt they will.

Very good for Amazon to have pulled that off, I'll buy from Amazon in the future.