Thursday, December 10, 2015

(Stolen!) Recipes from the Tudor Kitchen - an Update

[This is an update to my earlier post about this book]

My polite inquiry to the publisher was not answered, so I was forced to be a bit more assertive on this matter. The first thing I did was spend the $20 to get an ebook copy of the text. I then went through the recipes one by one looking for those that looked familiar.

Of the recipes that Breverton included, at least 19 were taken directly from my website. In some places the occasional word was changed, but my (admittedly strange at times) wording is still clear. For those playing at home, here is a list of those recipes with the ebook location and a link to the version on

Rapes in Potage - Baldrick's Turnip Broth (Location 1723)
To Bake a Gammon of Bacon (Location 1871)
Mawmeny - Chicken Stew (Location 1984)
Capon Stue - Chicken Stew (Location 2339)
Meat Pyes (Location 2363)
Pygge Y-Farsed - Stuffed Piglet, Goat, or Sheep (Location 2658)
A Dishe of Artechokes (Location 3197)
Divers Sallets Boyled - Sweet-Cooked Salad (Location 3221)
Compost (Location 3245)
A Tart of Ryce - Rice Pudding Pie (Location 3909)
Tostee - Ginger Syrup Toasties (Location 3955)
A Dysschefull of Snowe - Strawberries on Snow (Location 4071)
Peach Tarte - Any Fruit Pie (Location 4438)
Gyngerbrede - Honey Ginger Bites (Location 4572)
Cruste Rolle - Henry VIII's Crackers (Location 5584)
Poudre Douce - Sweet Powder Two Ways [second version] (Location 5709)
Poudre Fine - Fine Powder (Location 5730)
Sobre Sawce - A Sauce for Freshwater Fish (Location 6095)
Buttered Beere Another Way (Location 6986)

In addition to those, I have found four more that were taken from Kristen Wright's website (
To Bake a Mallard - Duck in Tudor Sauce Pie (Location 3044)
Buttered Wortes - Buttered Cabbage and Leeks on Bread or Toast (Location 3336)
Tart of Prunes - Damson Pie (Location 4001)
Leach of Almonds - Almond Pudding (Location 4185)

Nasty-grams have been sent out, so I expect the ebook version to be dropped within the next day or so. We'll see if / how the publisher responds.

Here's the real irony: Breverton listed among the "Useful Websites" ...

... of course he doesn't say it's one of the ones "Of particular excellence and endeavour". Maybe he only steals from sites he's not impressed with. If so then the folks lower down on the list might be concerned too.

I'll post more if / when things progress.


Sera's Musing said...

Wow the audacity of some people.

Sera's Musing said...

He is also on Amazon.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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bbfit1104 said...

What an @ss! I wouldn't buy a thing from that publisher!

Jason said...

I have purchased this book. What can be done at this point?

Doc said...

Not much, really. A lot of folks have been leaving negative reviews at Amazon, which I appreciate but I don't think we need more of a pile-on there.

At this point I'm going to wait to see if/how Amazon and the publisher respond. After that some letters and spreading the message might help. Thanks!

Monica said...

May I suggest that you also contact a lawyer who does copyright. If you were in the states, I'd suggest Akiva Cohen. He assisted me during this same sort of thing when it happened to Godecookery.


Monica said...

Also, it appears that he has another edition coming out -

And hey, if you happen to see any Godecookery recipes in there (I am loathe to buy the book myself and check) - do please let us know.

Doc said...

Actually, I am in the states (it's kind of odd how many people assume I'm not), though I'd rather not resort to legal action if this can be resolved otherwise. I'll keep the name in mind.

I'll also keep an eye out for that next book. Interesting how he can research that many recipes that fast. *snort*

Would it be helpful to list the recipe titles from his book to see if others suspect their work was copied? I don't have the time at the moment to Google them all.

Lady Marguerite said...

Thank you for this information. I had this on my wish list from kindle. I just removed it. Still would love to have a copy but not if it was stolen from SCA friends.

Kiriel du Papillon said...

I would very much appreciate a list of the recipe titles, as I don't wish to give that man a cent of my money to find out if he has stolen from me too.

Aline Swynbroke said...

Shared the news of this over to the Calontir Cooks Guild so people can be warned away from it. Hopefully, the publisher will respond appropriately.